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As I sit on my couch watching the Olympics, I find myself banging my head against the TV wondering how bowling is not a part of the amazing festival of sports.

Is it me, or does this just not seem right?

Below are a few reasons why I believe bowling should be included in future Games.

  • Everyone can relate to bowling. It’s the 2nd most popular participatory sport in the world.
  • Almost everyone has bowled at least once in their life, or at the very least knows someone who has.
  • Male and females can compete equally.
  • Over 100 countries bowl competitively, making it a true world game.
  • The sport is easy to understand and follow on TV.
  • Bowling is not a sport dominated by any one country, meaning that every continent has a chance at gold.
  • Bowling requires massive amounts of mental strength and talent beyond the average man.
  •  Bowling was around before the Olympics were even invented.
  • There are no physical or age limits, beside those that the Olympic Committee places on all competitors. You could represent your nation from as young as 15 to a ripe age of 100. You don’t have to be 7ft tall or 5ft short. If you are good enough, then you can bowl at the highest level.
  • The oil pattern on each lane is like an invisible playing field that players learn over the course of each game they play.  It doesn’t get much harder than that!
  • Bowling has a huge fan base comparatively to many of the lesser known sports included in the Olympics.

What are some of your reasons bowling should be in the games?

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